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Project management

Our sales team offers you support in all areas. Ranging from planning to the finished product, we are by your side and offer you our technical know-how and skills in the area of plastics processing.
For concrete enquiries, you can email us drawings or technical descriptions / CAD data. We will deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.





Mr. Andreas Single
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-0
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355





Sales  management

Mr. Dennis Gabler
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-14
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355

Email d.gabler@singleplast.de





Quality assurance

Mr. Sebastian Johanning
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-15
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355

Email: s.johanning@singleplast.de





Administrative accounting

Mrs. Sabine Forberg
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-23
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355

Email: s.forberg@singleplast.de







Handling of orders

Mrs. Gary Düren
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-0
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355

Email: g.dueren@singleplast.de







Mr. Matthias Struck
Telefon +49(0)5221-3453-10
Telefax +49(0)5221-33355

Email: m.struck@singleplast.de





The products are just as varied as the requirements. Our products are used in the car/commercial vehicle industry, electronics industry, furniture manufacture, medical engineering and domestic and air conditioning technology in addition to other areas.

Injection moulding

We produce injection moulded components based on your drawings or also using the tools that you provide. High quality technical plastics such as PC, POM and PA are moulded in addition to the conventional standard thermoplastics, such as PS, ABS, PP and PE.

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