Productive injection moulding machines - a guarantee of first-rate performance

Our injection moulding production is able to call on 17 machines.
The maximum mould closing force is 400 tons. Plastics with a weight of a few grams to 1.5 kilograms can be injected.

For special-strength parts, polyamides with fibreglass percentages of up to 50% are injected. Other properties can also be achieved by means of appropriate additives.



The products are just as varied as the requirements. Our products are used in the car/commercial vehicle industry, electronics industry, furniture manufacture, medical engineering and domestic and air conditioning technology in addition to other areas.

Injection moulding

We produce injection moulded components based on your drawings or also using the tools that you provide. High quality technical plastics such as PC, POM and PA are moulded in addition to the conventional standard thermoplastics, such as PS, ABS, PP and PE.

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